Beginner Pottery

The Hilarious Guy-on-Guy

We're going to pottery class! Or... sailing... depending on what your blow off class is this semester. Jeff gets upset about a guy in pottery being a ringer and gets caught ghosting. Shirley becomes captain and leaves Pierce to die.

Meanwhile we're looking up Colorado geography and complaining about ghosting. We also find some important info about a very important Christmas movie called "A Christmas Kiss" which we should definitely talk about some day.

Ben opts to not name his car. Mike wants you to remember the S.S. Nose Candy.

The Science of Illusion

I'm going to eat my Cool American Doritios at the Sex Museum

It's April Fool's Day! I mean, actually it's March 31st. Got you! Speaking of pranks, Britta is tired of being a buzzkill so she comes up with a HILARIOUS PRANK. Shirley and Annie become campus security to quell any shenanigans. Pierce is a cookie wizard. That's all you need to know.

Meanwhile we're digging further into this cookie wizard thing. We needed to know. We also figure out which of us is the bas-ass who plays by their own rules. And we take a lovely virtual tour of all the places you might visit in Holland.

Ben brings Big Leonardgy. Mike can neither confirm nor deny that statement.

Contemporary American Poultry

Chekhov's Inability to Connect With People

This week we're doing a mafia movie, but it's all about chicken fingers instead of whatever mafia guys do. Sorry. We didn't see Goodfellas so we have no idea what mafia guys do. Sorry, Greg.

The team takes over the schools' supply of chicken fingers and frankly, we get hungry for chicken fingers.

Meanwhile, we go on a big rant about pizza. It's a food heavy episode. Also we talk about lots of other stuff but mostly it's chicken fingers and pizza.

Ben makes a pizza enemy. Mike's Facebook profile photo is a landscape.

The Art of Discourse

You find a joint. Do you smoke it?

Jeff and Britta lose their minds while fighting with... uh... high school kids. High school kids who call them Schmitty. Nobody looks great in this one. Troy and Abed embark on a quest of college shenanigans and they come out looking pretty okay in this one. Pierce and Shirley get into a fight and... well there's a definite winner there.

We are programming weird robots in BASIC and telling stories about how we miss, of all things, cubicles.

Ben does not do a marijuana. Mike knows who Winona Ryder is.

Modern Warfare

We Can Have a Little Paintball Episode, as a Treat

It's here! We're talking about Modern Warfare, a famous Community episode because it's about a giant game of paintball on campus. We get a whole lot of great moments from every character and finally some Jeff/Britta payoff. I don't know what else to say; this is a legendary episode.

Ben betrays Mike. Mike betrays... himself?

English As A Second Language

We Love Hannah!

It's finals time and the gang has to really bone up because it turns out Chang doesn't actually have the qualifications to teach. Annie hatches a misguided scheme to keep the gang together. Chang plays a keytar. Troy gets approached by a plumber with a life-changing opportunity.

Your intrepid hosts talk about school nightmares, peeing nightmares, the inability to go to early classes, and more!

Ben quits forever as of today. Mike just keeps peeing.

Pascal's Triangle Revisted

Some Stuff Happens

In the final episode of the season, events happen that may or may not be relevant to other episodes.

Ben goes to comedy school. Mike has questions about "Eight Crazy Nights."

Season 1 Wrap

Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?

We're taking a break so we talk a little bit about a TV show a Community cast member has been on (and then never got picked up) and we also do some listener Q&A!

Ben looks it up on Bing. Mike picks Buddy.

Anthropology 101

It's Just Tools in Boxes

We're back and this semester we're taking Anthropology staring Betty Freakin' White. It's a damn good get as far as guest stars go if you ask us. And you did. By listening to this podcast you were like "hey what do Ben and Mike think about Betty White as a guest star in Community?" Spoiler: she is great. Also there's a lot of drama in the group due to all the kissing and love declaring that happened last season. It's a lot.

Ben gives a top hat to a goth horse. Mike gambles on Golden Girls knowledge and loses.

Accounting for Lawyers

They're Your Bones, Do Whatever You Want With Them

Jeff's old lawyer buddy shows up and it reawakens a lawyer's instinct in him. None of the rest of the study group like this new development, especially because they need a seventh person for the pop-and-lock-a-thon. Everybody knows you need at least seven people.

As for us? Well. I think all we can say about this one is... sorry, Jesus.

Ben starts digging for holes. Mike fights a shrimp boat.

Ben Mooney and Mike Snider