Social Psychology

The Legend of Mike the Introvert

4 years ago

Annie gets Troy and Abed to take part in a psychological experiment. Britta gets some guy with tiny nipples to make out with her like some sort of weird baby bird / mama bird situation. Jeff and Shirley become fast friends thanks to the power of gossip. And Pierce? Well, don't worry too much about him. He's in the background being 0.69% Inspector Gadget.

As for your hosts? They have become the stuff of legends. Constellations that whose stories will be told through the ages. We also Google... uh... butt stuff. And we obviously talk more about tiny nipples. They're kind of central to the episode.

Ben is vaguely aware of what "Hotline Bling" is. Mike describes the tightest of beverages.

Ben Mooney and Mike Snider